Verbo "to get"

"To get" pode ser utilizado em diversas estruturas e possui diferentes significados.

"TO GET" + objeto direto = obter, receber, comprar
  • I got my passport last week. (obter)
  • She got her driving license last week. (obter)
  • They got permission to live in Switzerland. (obter)
  • I got a letter from my friend in Nigeria. (receber)
  • He gets $1,000 a year from his father. (receber)
  • She got a new coat from Zappaloni in Rome. (comprar)
  • We got a new television for the sitting room. (comprar)
"TO GET" + expressão de lugar = alcançar, chegar em um lugar
  • How are you getting home tonight?
  • We got to London around 6 p.m.
  • What time will we get there?
  • When did you get back from New York?
"TO GET" + adjetivo = denota mudança de estado
  • I am getting old.
  • It's getting hotter.
  • By the time they reached the house they were getting hungry.
  • I'm getting tired of all this nonsense.
  • My mother's getting old and needs looking after.
  • It gets dark very early in the winter.
  • Don't touch the stove until is gets cool.
"TO GET" + preposição/advérbio = "phrasal verbs" com diversos significados
"To get" + Significado Exemplo
to get at tentar expressar I think I see what you're getting at. I agree.
to get away with escapar de punição por crime ou má ação I can't believe you got away with cheating on that test!
to get by arranjar-se (financeiramente) Sam doesn't earn much, but we get by.
to get down deprimir-se, descender This rain is really getting me down.
to get off sair de um meio de transporte (trem, ônibus, bicicleta, avião) We got off the train just before the bomb exploded.
to get on 1. entrar/sentar-se em um meio de transporte (trem, ônibus, bicicleta, avião)
2. relacionar-se com alguém
1. He got on his bicycle and rode down the street.
2. Amy and I really get on well.
to get on with prosseguir, proceder I have so much homework, I'd better get on with it.
to get out of evitar fazer algo, principalmente um dever She got out of the washing-up every day, even when it was her turn.
to get over recuperar-se (de doença ou surpresa) Have you gotten over your cold yet?
to get through utilizar ou terminar o estoque de algo We've got through all the sugar. Can you buy some more?
to get up levantar-se da cama He gets up at 6.00 a.m. every morning.
to get up to fazer (algo ruim, normalmente) The children are very quiet. I wonder what they're getting up to.
Outras expressões com "GET"
  • Do you get it significa "você entendeu?"
    Do you get what the teacher was explaining in class?
  • He's getting dinner tonight significa que ele está preparando a refeição.
    You can relax. It's my turn to get dinner tonight.
  • I'll get the bill significa que eu pagarei a conta.
    Put your wallet away! I'll get the bill.
  • That really gets me! significa que isso me irrita.
    It really gets me when my sister shows up late.
  • To get rid of something significa descartar algo.
    I'm going to get rid of all these old newspapers.
  • To get out of bed on the wrong side significa estar de mau humor.
    He got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning and he's been horrible all day.
  • To get your own back significa vingar-se ou punir alguém.
    She's getting her own back for all those rude things you said at the party last night.